Membership Benefits

Your Club Mahindra membership allows you to enjoy a 7 day holiday every year for the next 25 years. The membership is flexible, allowing you to take all 7 days at a go or break it up into shorter vacations. You can also take a vacation exceeding 7 days by advancing or accumulating your entitlement.

As a Club Mahindra member you are spoilt for choice. You can holiday at a resort of your choice, in a season of your choice and in an apartment of your choice!

Dream holidays at smart prices

With Club Mahindra, holidaying every year is easier and more cost effective. The membership is made available at attractive EMIs starting from just Rs 5101 and EMI options that range from 6 - 48. And if you like to holiday abroad you'll be glad to know that members get to holiday abroad for a nominal exchange fee through an RCI membership.

The payback period, which is the period over which a member will fully recover the cost, as estimated by Karvy Investor Services and KPMG Advisory Services for various membership options ranges from 5 - 8 years. That is why we call it the Smarter Way to Holiday!